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I can’t say that I’m hugely into MOBAs – I’ve barely tried League of Legends and DOTA 2 because they didn’t play great on my MacBook Air, although I should maybe try again on my current MacBook Pro – but I do like to dabble in the ones that come out on console. In the past, I’ve had a lot of fun playing the Guardians of Middle-earth one (the one problem I had with it was that not enough people were playing it, so I was always stuck with bots), as well as Awesomenauts. I was pretty curious about Epic’s Paragon when it was first announced, because it looked like a fun way to play a MOBA (from a 3rd person action perspective – which is not completely new, since Smite does it as well, but I tried that last week and it didn’t really grab me). I’ve played a few matches of Paragon now – the first few with and against bots, and then a couple with real players – and I gotta say I’m having fun with it. My favorite character to play right now is Howitzer (a bunny that rides a mech), but I still want to try playing with a lot of the other characters, to see how they feel. I did feel a bit frustrated in my real-player matches though – people on my team didn’t seem to want to concentrate on doing something, and were all over the place, and so we’d get massacred – but I’m sure that will improve with time.