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We Are

Eden was my favorite PixelJunk game, and not only am I quite looking forward to playing the follow-up Baiyon is working on called Eden Obscura, he’s also just released a new record, We Are, teaming up with plenty of musicians also working in the gaming space. My buddy James interviews him for Rolling Stone.

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Nom Nom Galaxy

I’ve just had a quick taste of Nom Nom Galaxy – also part of this month’s PlayStation Plus lineup – but it definitely feels nice to be playing a PixelJunk game again (my last one was Shooter 2). It’s not generally the style of game I’m attracted to – building/developing – but just like I wasn’t really into tower defence games before PixelJunk Monsters, I’m hoping the same will happen here. So far, I’m definitely enjoying the game’s aesthetics (always a PixelJunk strong point) as well as the humor.