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This is a really great UK documentary from 2002 about the Pixies, that you can watch on YouTube. It’s pretty neat seeing David Bowie, Radiohead, and PJ Harvey (and many others) wax poetically about their love for the band, and the parts from the London show you see (from a 1988 London gig) are so fantastic.

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Wallpaper’s The Director’s Cut Is Out

When the latest issue of Wallpaper came out, I posted about the plans to also release an accompanying iPad app featuring works by the issue’s two guest editors, David Lynch and Robert Wilson. Well, it’s now out as a free download, and you should go and take a look.

It’s quite simple as an app, but does what it should do well — give you some extra video content by each creator, with the only other extra a brief intro to who they are after you click on each name. Wilson contributes quite a few “video portraits,” but I was especially interested in Lynch’s section, which is comprised of a short that revisits the main character from his seminal film, Eraserhead.

Every time I hear that song (“In Heaven”) I can’t help but think of the great Pixies cover, which is still one of my favorite b-sides from them.