Games Music

Diggin’ in the Carts, the Radio Show

Remember the fantastic Diggin’ in the Carts documentary web series about Japanese game music? Well, it continues, in the form of a weekly radio show on RBMA Radio, hosted by Nick Dwyer, who¬†was also behind the web series. I haven’t listened to it yet, but looking at all the episodes that have been produced so far (and thankfully all archived on the site), it continues to be a treasure trove of interesting coverage on Japanese makers of music for games, with each episode accompanied by a terrific¬†selection of tracks.


Shibuya no Radio no Shibuya-kei


As I’ve been deep diving back into the world of Shibuya-kei — the soundtrack to my world during my first few years of living in Tokyo — I was ecstatic to find out (via Patrick) that earlier this year, Maki Nomiya and Hideki Kaji started doing a weekly radio show called Shibuya no Radio no Shibuya-kei (it airs on a new radio station called Shibuya no Radio). You can listen to the first episode online here, and you’ll find more episodes here.


Interview on J-WAVE

I was interviewed the other day for a short program on the Tokyo radio station J-WAVE about some of the things I love about Tokyo. Since it will be edited I’m not sure what will come through, but I did get to mention my meal of choice, tonkatsu spaghetti (that you can get at Nobu, a cozy little pasta joint in Ikebukuro).

It will air this coming Thursday (October 21) from 15:35 to 15:45 Tokyo time, and you’ll be able to listen to it online from the J-WAVE website (or at 81.3 on the FM dial).

Update: The date has been changed, and it will instead air tomorrow (Monday, October 18), but at the same time (15:35-15:45). The show is called RENDEZVOUS, and the segment is called “Foreigner’s Perspectives on Tokyo.”