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Urban Layers


My friend Mare is a game creator (maker, with her partner Raigan, of the fantastic N series) and she’s currently spending some time in Tokyo, something that has turned into an annual sojourn for the team. The reason for this post though is to share a fantastic mood board that Mare just shared through Pinterest, which she called “Game 1 – Urban Layers.” Having spent a lot of time going through these images — a lot of them relating to Japan, like the shot in this post of a section of Golden Gai in Shinjuku — I can’t help but dream of a game that is inspired by all of this visual goodness.

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Metanet Tokyo Map

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 01.09.12

When you visit Tokyo, it’s always nice to have a bunch of recommendations on¬†places to check out before you get there, and my friends Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns — otherwise known as Metanet Software, creators of the fantastic N series of super platformers — have done everyone a solid by sharing a Google map of their favorite spots to hang out in, eat in, shop in, and play games in. And speaking of N, the latest iteration,¬†N++, which was previously only available on PS4, has now just come out on Steam.