Happy 2020

Back 10-15 years ago when I was the most active on this blog — and was mostly working as a freelancer — I used to kick off each year with a bit of a manifesto, laying out a bunch of new projects I wanted to attack that year. I haven’t done that in quite a long time — my days of organizing independent events, websites, and more are long behind me — but I’m feeling so optimistic about this year that I felt like I wanted to write something.

In terms of work, this past year was an exciting one for me, with my move mid-year to a new position (Senior Manager) and team (Esports) within the company (Ubisoft). Half a year later, I couldn’t be more excited about what I get to work on, and more importantly, everything that we want to accomplish this coming year (I of course can’t talk about it yet, but I can share my excitement).

This new role is not only in a world that I now find myself fascinated with, but it’s given me the opportunity to travel more for work, which so far as meant a few trips to San Francisco (where my boss is based), Las Vegas (for the Rainbow Six US Nationals Finals), and Japan (for the Rainbow Six Season 10 Pro League Finals in Tokoname). And this should continue in the coming year.

Outside of work, this blog continues to be a place to chronicle my silly movie marathons (the latest ones were for 1989 and this year’s October horrorfest), and who knows, I might suddenly have something else I want to chronicle or write about.

So goodbye 2019, thanks for the career level up, and here’s to an even more exciting 2020 and beyond!

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Battlefield Hardline

I sure didn’t like this game. When it first leaked, I got pretty excited because the idea of you playing cops made me think that it might be similar to Rainbow Six – and Rainbow Six Vegas is still my favorite RPS experience. But no, this is nothing more than Battlefield set in a city, and it’s quite insane to feel like you’re stepping into a battlezone like you are, but just to stop “robbers.” The only fun I had was that when I played the beta, when I was the cop, I would spawn in the police station, and would then hop into a police car or police bike to get to where the action was happening. But once there, I was either greeted by a rocket launcher, or mowed down as soon as I exited the vehicle. Yeah, fun times.