Gundam Will Save Us

I was tweeting on how I hope that robotic research will now see a push into emergency and rescue-ready “mobile suits,” instead of the glorified house servants we tend to see (which I realize have their use, in aiding the ederly). Then my friend Kat replied with the image above. Yes, exactly, imagine what one of those could have achieved during this past week’s disasters.

Design Web


HENGE is certainly an intriguing item: it’s a “transformable interior object,” or model if you will, that goes from an aircraft-like mode to full robot. It’s self-produced by Tomoo Yamaji, who lives in Takarazuka (Hyogo prefecture), and he’s selling the limited edition model through his online shop. Here’s a video of the transformation process.



Time to get your robot groove on, thanks to Vstone’s new Robovie-Nano, the company’s new entry-level humanoid robots. Designboom posts a few more details and photos, including a video of the Robovie-Nano in action.