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Granblue Fantasy The Animation

I recently started playing the Granblue Fantasy mobile game — one of the most popular RPGs in Japan these days — so was especially¬†interested in checking out the new anime adaptation¬†that debuted this week (I had already included it in my 2017 winter anime post though). They kicked things off with 2 episodes, and although it’s not blowing me away, I still enjoyed watching it, but that may be due to the fact that I’m into the game these days. It starts off following fairly closely what you experience at the start of the game, although fleshing out things quite a bit. I can’t say I’m completely hooked yet, but I’ll be watching the next few episodes at least.

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Angry Birds Epic

Oh boys, what to say about a new big free-to-play game on iOS, and an Angry Birds one at that. Since they’re marketing this as an RPG, I was curious to try it out. The combat is surprisingly fun, and it feels well developed – although not super advanced, you do upgrade both the classes and weapons/armor of your characters, which adds strategy to the mix. But it’s an RPG in fighting mechanic only, as there’s not much story going on – about as much as you experience in any Angry Birds game – and although I was able to play a couple of hours without having any trouble (and it says I’ve cleared close to 20% of the game), I did finally get to a point where I can’t really win my current battle unless I grind a bit to get ingredients for more potions. But I do prefer being able to grind – basically just go back to old battles, to get the items/ingredients that allow you to build weapons and create potions – instead of the energy systems that just stop you from playing.¬†