Debaser Film

Saturn 3

After kicking off my 1980 movie marathon back in February with the original Friday the 13th film, it’s taken until now to watch another movie from 1980, and for some reason I decided to start by watching something I had in fact never watched before. I definitely remember the VHS box, with that imposing robotic silhouette, and I did like sci-fi even back then, but I guess I was never interested enough to watch it (and it was considered a bad movie). So curiosity got the best of me, and I gave it a watch, and I’m glad I did. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a good movie, but it’s an interesting — and definitely weird — one. It’s the execution mostly that fails, but I could see this as being a pretty neat story if it was presented as a graphic novel. It’s also funny to see Harvey Keitel playing a character like this — and I’d say, badly — but I don’t regret at all spending time on this.