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Scream (TV)

I’d heard there was a TV series based on the Scream movies, but hadn’t really cared about it until I saw it pop up on Netflix, and thought it might be something my wife would enjoy watching together (she likes mystery-type shows, and scary stuff too). They have the first season (10 episodes), and are now airing the second season week-by-week (2 episodes are out), and we basically binged the whole thing in one go last weekend. I won’t say that it’s an amazing show or anything, but we really had fun watching it, and we can’t wait for new episodes. I think they did a pretty good job at keeping the vibe of the original movie – which was pretty fun too back in the day – and the cast is decent for what is needed. Weird thing is, the show is originally produced for MTV in the US, but here in Canada it gets billed as an original Netflix series.