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Soichi Terada (Toco Toco)

It’s as if Toco Toco could read my mind. Earlier this year I discovered and fell in absolute love with the music of Soichi Terada (through the music of Shinichiro Yokota) — his Sounds from the Far East compilation is the record I’ve listened to the most this year (and I’m listening to it right now as I write this). Imagine my very pleasant surprise when I find that the latest episode of Toco Toco — my favorite documentary web series — is all about him. Thank you, Anne.


Shinichiro Yokota

Here’s a great mix of tracks by Shinichiro Yokota, courtesy of Fact. Don’t know Yokota? Read this fantastic¬†feature on the collaborative work of Yokota and Soichi Terada (of the Far East Recording label). I can easily imagine dancing to this at the old Space Lab Yellow in Tokyo (which I probably did).