Short Circuit

This is one of those movies that you’d think I’d have watched early on in my 1986 run, but I decided quite early on that I wanted to keep it for the end (this is my 38th film from 1986, and I have two left to watch since my plan has always been to hit 40). As with many comedies of the era, it’s fun and silly, and I was reminded that I still have a crush on Ally Sheedy. The bummer is of course the fact that Fisher Stevens plays a stereotype-heavy Indian man (a fact we were all reminded of in the first season of Master of None). But yeah, it’s still an enjoyable film to watch, and that El Debarge song is still pretty fun — and it’s funny how they insert it in the movie a couple of times, not as part of the regular soundtrack, but rather in the context of things happening on screen.