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  • You Make Shibuya

    Maki Nomiya and Hideki Kaji are turning into ambassadors for Shibuya — you’ll remember that they’re doing a weekly Shibuya-kei radio show together these days — and on this official Shibuya-ku website, promoting a “You Make Shibuya” campaign, you can listen to a song they made together. Below (photo by Patrick Benny), you can see…

  • Learning the Pokemon Card Game by Song

    Well this is definitely a fun way to learn a card game. Here’s a slick video made to teach players the basics of the Pokemon card game, with instructions given through the lyrics of the song that accompanies the video.

  • Yama Yama

    I’d never heard of the group Yamasuki, or the song “Yama Yama” (from 1971), but I sure like it. Thanks go out to my buddy Eric for bringing it to my attention.