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Yokohama Triennale 2017


Take a look at this Spoon & Tamago post for the details on the theme for next year’s Yokohama Triennale.

Design Typography



Mashikakuscreen-shot-2016-09-27-at-21-41-14 is a beautiful typography project that is composed of over 9000 characters, all done in a super angular structure that is inspired by an old form of typeset used in advertising during the Edo era. Read more about it in this Spoon & Tamago post. I quite like the items you can get printed by them, and it looks like they had a great workshop at the Fab Cafe in Tokyo. Go here to create your own icon using the typeset — I’m kinda tempted by a cushion with my wife’s name (pictured).

Design Events Technology

Reason Behind Forms


I’ve been a longtime fan and supporter of the work of Nosigner (aka Eisuke Tachikawa, whose monicker is now the name of his firm), covering many of his early works in my “On Design” column and elsewhere, and it makes me happy to see that he’s gotten to a point where he’s headlining his own show at the Ginza Graphic Gallery (“Reason Behind Forms,” running this month until October 31). One of the main installations in the show is what you see pictured, which represents all of the technology that has been engulfed within the iPhone. There’s more to see in this Spoon & Tamago post.

Architecture Food

Also Soup Stock Tokyo


I’ve always quite liked the Soup Stock Tokyo chain — serving mostly nicely compact soup dishes — and now they’ve opened a new more restaurant-like (less fast-food) shop in Jiyugaoka called simply enough Also Soup Stock Tokyo, with a menu that is a bit more full featured. From all the photos found in this Spoon & Tamago post, it looks like a beautiful space. The design is by Yuko Nagayama.

Music Stores



A shop that specializes in cassette tapes? Of course there’s one in Tokyo — uncover more about Waltz (located in Nakameguro) in this Spoon & Tamago post. Gotta love that wall of boomboxes to the side. I think the cassette I listened to the most — to the point of breaking it — was the James Bond: 13 Original Themes tape (this one).


Miki Saito

I’m so happy to see artist Miki Saito getting a lot of attention these days.

The best thing about hosting PauseTalk all these years was that it gave me the chance to meet so many interesting and creative people, and Miki was one of those people. She was a regular attendee since returning to Japan.

She’s just launched her second exhibition this past week since moving to Tokyo – at Wada Garou – and instead of me describing her art, you can take a look at the articles on both Spoon & Tamago and The Japan Times.