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The game I’ve probably had the most fun playing this year has been TowerFall, and the main reason for that is because it’s just so damn fun to play it with friends in the same room. This means that even though I think it’s overpriced, I’ve already bought an extra PS4 controller, and truth be told, I’d really love to have 4 of them (donations are kindly accepted). So I was quite looking forward to Sportsfriends, a collection of mini-games that are all aimed at local multiplayer – you actually can’t play any of these alone. I had a chance to get some friends over last week to do an all-night session, and wow, did we ever have a lot of fun. The only slight complication was that one person in our group didn’t take long to master some of these, which meant that the rest of us were often struggling to bring him down. If you get it, make sure to input the secret codes that unlock 2 extra games – the Pong-like game with wobbly paddles is especially fun.