Kentucky Route Zero (Act 2 & 3)

I continue to play through Kentucky Route Zero when I have a chance at lunch time, and wow, I’m still completely enchanted by this game. I played through most of Act 2 yesterday, and today was mesmerized by the bar performance in Act 3. If you like adventure games with a weird vibe, I can’t recommend this enough.

Games Tokyo Walking

Metanet Tokyo Map

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 01.09.12

When you visit Tokyo, it’s always nice to have a bunch of recommendations on¬†places to check out before you get there, and my friends Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns — otherwise known as Metanet Software, creators of the fantastic N series of super platformers — have done everyone a solid by sharing a Google map of their favorite spots to hang out in, eat in, shop in, and play games in. And speaking of N, the latest iteration,¬†N++, which was previously only available on PS4, has now just come out on Steam.

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It’s no secret that I love board games, and so when I first heard about this game – when it was going through its Kickstarter campaign – I was pretty excited about what it was promising: a beautiful digital board game experience that marries the best of physical board games and digital games. It came out today on Steam in “Early Access” form, and so I’ve only had a bit of time to play it so far, but I’m already having a really good time with it, even though I still don’t get yet how I should be approaching things (in terms of strategy). They really have done a fantastic job with the art, and I could really see this coming out as a beautiful physical board game as well. The one thing I will say is that this is something that I would really love to be able to play on iPad – but that’s just me being selfish, because I don’t tend to play games on my laptop much. I hear that it also really shines when playing in multiplayer (I’ve just played offline for now, to learn the game), so I’m looking forward to playing some matches with friends.