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Legends of Tomorrow

I got completely burnt out on all super-hero shows at the start of the season, and just stopped cold turkey on everything I was watching (Flash, Arrow, Gotham). With the launch two weeks ago of Legends of Tomorrow, spinning off from Flash and Arrow, I got in the mood to watch this kind of stuff again. I went as far as binging both Flash and Arrow, catching up on the season so far, and I also plan on watching all of Supergirl (don’t think I’ll going back to Gotham though, as that show was getting less and less fun). I think Legends of Tomorrow is really fun so far, and I really like that it’s moving very fast, with no lulls, and with some big fight scenes that are fun to watch. I also enjoyed going through Flash and Arrow – the stuff that annoys me with each (some annoying characters in Arrow, and the soapy family stuff in Flash) didn’t bother me when I was just consuming all these episodes so quickly. Since last week I’ve started watching all these shows on a weekly basis, and I do wonder if I’ll be able to stick with it. I actually do prefer to just binge these shows, but at the same time, it’s fun talking about what’s going on each week with friends. Oh, and one more thing, I really enjoyed the episode of Arrow that featured the return of Constantine. Although the Constantine series wasn’t particularly good, the actor playing him was a true highlight, so it’s great that they brought him back, and I really hope we see more of him – how about an inclusion on the team of Legends of Tomorrow?