T2 Trainspotting

I was really nervous about watching this, because I was so worried that it could never live up to the original film — which is one of those films that defined the era it came out in, in terms of cultural impact. Did I like it? Yes, I really enjoyed spending time with these characters again. Sure, it doesn’t have the urgency and drive of the original, but it does some interesting things in how it revisits these people, and in the end, even if the overall tone feels more subdued than the original, it sorta suits the subject matter (and the age of the characters). It’s interesting to see this around the same time as I’m watching the new Twin Peaks, that we’re in a place where things like this can happen (revisiting cultural touchstones of 20-30 years ago), and that they still work so well (at least for someone my age). I’m glad this got made, and the final scene is just perfect.