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I’d forgotten just how much I love Journey. The game was re-released on PS4 recently, and since it’s cross-buy (as with all Thatgamecompany games) I had the PS3 version and so suddenly had access to this version. Last night, after completing the first episode of King’s Quest, I was looking to play something else before diving into Destiny again (the thing I do quite a bit of these days), and seeing that one of my friends was playing Journey, I decided to revisit that. I wasn’t even planning on playing through the whole thing, but that’s just what happens when you play this game (in part thanks to its relatively short play time, which I think is a couple of hours or so). I think Journey on PS4 is the most beautiful game out there, bar none. The aesthetic choices that were made when building this world are just astoundingly good, and as I was playing, I kept trying to think of another game experience that I think is better presented on a visual level – nothing came to mind. As uncool as it is to ask for sequels, I sure would love to visit other aspects/parts of this world, and so would love for new installments to happen.