The Avengers: Infinity War

So yeah, I finally watched this, and gotta say that although it has some fun moments, I much preferred Black Panther in terms of Marvel movies. Most of my favorite moments involved the Guardians of the Galaxy — not surprising considering how much I enjoy those movies — and outside of the big action sequences, I found myself bored by a lot of the character moments. And as much as I like Cumberbatch as an actor, I still don’t like his portrayal of Doctor Strange, and so all scenes with him were a bit annoying for me. And that ending. The fact that so many of the heroes “disappear” pretty much takes away all urgency — there’s no way they would permanently kill off so many of them. And sure, they wanted to end with a strong impact, but to end that way felt disappointing to me, and really made it feel like just half a movie — and sure, I know that’s what it is, but I can’t help feel unsatisfied. I’m not saying it’s an awful movie, it has its thrilling moments (like the kick-ass Thor coming in to the battle) but I don’t think it should be as feted as it has been (and for the record, I’m not a big fan of the previous Avengers movies either).