The Dark Tower

I went into this with extremely low expectations — I knew it had bombed and didn’t review well, and I’ve been “considering” watching it for a few weeks now, which is also a sign that I wasn’t really into it. But I finally did decide to watch it — I found myself in the mood to give it a chance — and, well, I can’t say that it was particularly good. I read the first two books in King’s Dark Tower series when they were originally released, which is quite a while ago, and means that I really don’t remember much about the story, but in my mind I imagined it being more of a cool spaghetti western mixed with fantasy kinda thing than what is presented here. There are tiny glimpses of interesting things here and there, but not enough to make this a decent movie (even though I think the source material could have formed the basis for a fun film). It’s a shame really, because Elba as Roland is inspired casting, but he doesn’t really get the chance to be the awesome Gunslinger I was hoping to see. Oh well.