The Fate of the Furious

I really need to stop watching these movies. Then again, the reason I watch them is for the action sequences, and the big chase scene in NYC and then the sub vs. cars on ice thing were pretty thrilling to watch — although I thought the best action sequence overall was the prison break, especially the moves by Jason Statham (who I think is the only person who seems to be having fun in this thing). I really didn’t like the last one, so wasn’t even sure if I’d bother to watch this one, but yeah, the action was good (those things I mentioned), and I loved every single minute of Helen Mirren (the only other person after Statham who seems to be having fun). Charlize Theron, who I usually quite like, is really awful though, and so it’s lame to think that she’s probably going to play an important role in the next one too.