The Get Down (Part 2)

I absolutely loved this series, and couldn’t wait for the second part of its first season to come out. Well, it’s out, it’s short (only 5 episodes), and now that I’m on the 3rd episode I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed. I’m still enjoying the performances immensely, but the story is falling flat for me. I kinda wish each episode was just wall-to-wall performances by the The Get Down Brothers.

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The Get Down

This show is fantastic. I’m three episodes in (of the six episodes we can currently watch, with the second half coming out at a later date), and I’m just so in love with the cast and awesome music – well, pretty much all of the music, I just don’t care for the “modern” hip-hop that opens each episode, although I do find it neat that they use that to recap the previous episode’s story. The big musical numbers are truly a joy to watch and listen to, and I love seeing how these kids are progressing in their quest to make some funky beats. Definitely my new favorite show (well, until the next season of Halt and Catch Fire starts).