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The Hateful Eight

Holy shit did I ever love this movie. I was absolutely mesmerized from start to finish, to a point where I barely felt the time go by, which is saying something for a 3-hour film (I didn’t even want it to end). With everything Tarantino so fresh in my mind, although I still can’t say that he manages to create something that makes us forget Pulp Fiction (which he probably never will, because that film was just too damn groundbreaking on so many fronts), I think I can safely say that, in my eyes, The Hateful Eight is the best film he’s made since, and in some ways, it’s maybe even a better film. Other than the fact that it’s an extremely dialogue-heavy film, and sure, it gets bloody, I think it’s also a film that doesn’t feel overly Tarantino-esque. I was never really thinking that I was watching a Tarantino movie (like I would with all his other films), instead, I was just enjoying an engaging western with fantastic characters and a story that I did not know where it would end up. Can’t recommend it enough.