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The Pickle Index

I’ve definitely been doing a lot of reading of late – which may explain why I haven’t played as much Fallout 4 as you’d expect – and one of those reads has been The Pickle Index. It’s a project that can be taken in through 3 formats (deluxe book, paperback, or app) and although they all pretty much tell the same story, the way they present that story is quite different. I’m reading it through the app, on iPad, and on top of loving the presentation – it’s done in the form of an interface that people in the story would be using – I also really like that the story opens up over a period of 10 days, meaning you read a “chapter” (the basics, with bonus material available as well), and then have to wait one day for the next batch of story to become available. It’s a cool way to be reading something, and I quite enjoy the forced pacing.