The X-Files (Season 11)

I’m having so much fun watching this latest (and probably last) season of The X-Files, because it’s really having a lot of fun with itself, to a point where it almost feels like a trashy parody of itself (especially this week’s 4th episode, which was fantastic). With last year’s return of the series, I can’t say that I was super into it, except for the two funny episodes — the one on drugs, and the werewolf one (starring Rhys Darby), which was in fact of the best X-Files episodes ever. It’s always been true that the real classic episodes were in the “monster of the week” category, especially the ones with a sly sense of humor, and not only are they embracing this right now, but it really feels like everyone involved is having fun. The weakest episode this season was the first one, which touched on the kind of boring overarching story they have, and I’m hoping they’ll only go back to this at the end of the season.

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The X-Files

After an uneven start, I thought the second episode of the new X-Files mini-series was rather good. It felt like one of the better old school monster-of-the-week episodes, and no wonder, since it was written/directed by James Wong, who was good at those. In terms of the first episode, my thoughts pretty much echo the feelings described in this review from the A.V. Club – I liked watching it, mostly to be with those characters again, even though it wasn’t all that great. I do really like that they are using the exact same opening credit sequence as the original show, with zero changes. Another thing that makes the second episode better is that clean-shaven suit-wearing Mulder is much better than scruffy-looking Mulder.