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Titanfall 2 (Tech Test)

I played a few matches in the game’s Tech Test last weekend (and it continues this coming weekend), and was excited to do so because I had never had a chance to play the first game (because I don’t have an Xbox One, and wasn’t interested in playing it on Xbox 360). My first experience was a disappointing one though. The biggest disappointment was that I didn’t get to ride in a mech in any of my matches, which is what I wanted to do the most – I guess you need to rack up enough kills to do so, and I wasn’t doing very well. And the fact that I wasn’t doing very well was because I was finding the gameplay just too damn fast – I had trouble keeping up with people, and myself, running and jumping around felt way more hectic and uncontrolled than what I’m used to (”Crucible” in Destiny). I may give it another shot this coming weekend, to see if I can get better at it. To be honest, I’m more interesting in playing the campaign anyway.