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  • Eight

    This video produced for the promotion of an app to manage the exchange of business cards (called Eight) is pretty mesmerizing to watch. Via Tokyo Soup.

  • YamanoteYamanote

    This is such a great project. “YamanoteYamanote” sees two Tokyo-based designers (Julien Mercier and Julien Wulff) produce a pair of posters inspired by each of the 29 stations on the Yamanote line. They’ve produced posters for Akihabara (pictured), Kanda, and Tokyo so far. Via Tokyo Soup.

  • Cyber Wheel

    Watch this incredibly slick video for a potential wheel chair for parasports. Via Tokyo Soup.

  • Kinfolk Takes a Look at Yanaka

    Part of its regular neighborhood series, Kinfolk magazine takes a look at Tokyo’s Yanaka area, which has been growing in popularity in recent years. Found via Tokyo Soup.

  • Tokyo Reverse

    Have 9 hours to spare? How about spending it watching a 9-hour long video tour of Tokyo, following a man who is walking in reverse the whole time, but with the video presented in reverse. I’ve only scanned parts of it, and it’s strangely mesmerizing to watch. Found via Tokyo Soup.

  • Shinichi Furuya

    Nice photo? Sorry, but this is actually a pencil drawing. When I saw this post on Tokyo Soup, I couldn’t believe that all the images on show were drawings, but these YouTube videos are proof enough. They’re all done by illustrator Shinichi Furuya, and you really gotta wonder who he’s managed to achieve such a…

  • One Hundred Views of Bathing

    “One Hundred Views of Bathing” is a really fun photography project in which the artist, Mariko Sakaguchi, takes self-portraits of herself bathing in a tiny wooden tub in various spaces — basically, places you wouldn’t normally expect to see a person bathing. Found via Tokyo Soup.

  • Daisuke Nimura

    I absolutely love the illustrative work of Daisuke Nimura — there’s plenty to browse through on his personal site (and Tumblr/blog). Found via Tokyo Soup.

  • Rrrrrrroll_gif

    Rrrrrrrroll_gif is a fun project where a group of people are producing GIFs (that’s with a hard “g” by the way) of people or things rotating to infinity. Fun to watch. Found via Tokyo Soup.

  • Night Stroll

    This short video dates back a few years, but it makes for a lovely night journey through areas of Tokyo — with nicely composed animated geometric graphics superimposed on most of the shots. It was created by Tangram‘s Tao Tajima. Found via Tokyo Soup.