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Tomodachi Life

Boy am I having fun with this game. I still remember teasing a lot of my friends here who were excited for the Japanese edition when it came out last year, and this is what happened. So after seeing the super silly (and funny) trailer that Nintendo released when they announced that it would come out in English, and then seeing some of the screenshots of friends who had early copies, I jumped on it as soon as it was released (this past Friday), and I’m sure glad I did. This really is the kind of game that you want to get as soon as it comes out, because part of the fun is sharing what is happening in your game – a sort of doll house playpen of Miis, that you generally want to import from your friends – and to see what others are seeing as well. When I’m playing, it feels like every 5 minutes there’s something that puts a big stupid grin on my face, and that I really want to share – either publicly, or directly to friends, to show them what their Miis are doing in my game. If you have a 3DS and you like smiling and laughing, then you’d be pretty silly to not pick this up. If you want to add me, here’s my QR code – and here’s the QR code for that “pretender,” jeansnowmii.