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The Legacy of Luther Strode

I guess there’s been a few Luther Strode mini-series already, and this is apparently the final one, and the first one I’m reading. I’m still not quite sure what this story is all about, but I don’t care, because the reason I jumped in was because a friend of mine mentioned that Tradd Moore was doing art (he wasn’t on the other series), an artist I am absolutely in love with – I read last year’s Ghost Rider series just because of him, and then stopped when he was off the book. His art is just so amazingly dynamic, and what I’ve seen so far in the 3 issues of Legacy beats anything he’s done before. It’s crazy-ass stuff, and you’ll find yourself staring at every page, to better appreciate all the detail. Get on board from the start, and then wait for the final 3 issues to come out.