Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is my all-time favorite TV series. I first watched it when it originally aired, and since then I revisit it on a regular basis. Because we were about to get a new season of episodes (kicking off tonight), I decided to re-watch the series yet again from last month (I think it’s maybe my 6th viewing), which I finished last week. I also re-watched the Fire Walk With Me movie, which I don’t really like — because of the overly dark tone (and lack of Mark Frost) it just doesn’t feel very Twin Peaks-y (but that said, I’ve still re-watched a bunch of times). I had heard that the new season would pick up a lot of stuff from the movie, and it was indeed interesting to re-watch it with that in mind, since it did introduce things that we hadn’t seen in the TV series. So yeah, I’m now completely ready for tonight’s season premiere — including today’s purchase of cherry pie and donuts.

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

I do still like the Twin Peaks movie because I get to experience more of this world, but watching it again last night I was reminded why I will never like it like I do the series. The problem with the movie is that it only focuses on the dark aspects of the series. What makes Twin Peaks the TV series so enjoyable is the  balance of weird/wacky/fun with a darker undertone. If you take away that first part (or at least the fun), then you’re just left with weirdness and darkness, and that’s definitely not what made me fall in love with Twin Peaks, and why I’ve watched the series so many times (at least 4-5 times). But hey, like I said, I still liked watching it, and I’m about to embark on yet another viewing of the TV series, and I just can’t wait until 2016 for those new episodes.