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Japan’s Gaming Industry Nengajo 2017

As I mentioned when I shared Spoon & Tamago’s post of New Year cards from designers/design units, I was anxiously waiting for Tokyo-based localization crew 8-4 to put up its annual round-up of New Year cards from Japanese game companies, and it’s now up. Pictured, the card that was sent out by 8-4, featuring art by Undertale artist Temmie Chang.

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With everyone going on about how this is apparently the second coming in the form of a game, I figured I had to jump in. I’ve put in a couple of hours, and I do really like the fantastic dialogue and characterizations, but man, the “combat” system (I put this in quotes because I’m playing the game without killing anyone) is annoying to a point where even though I want to play more of the game, I don’t because I don’t really want to deal with that. It’s a neat idea to try something different than the usual classic RPG menu driven system, but moving a cursor around with a keyboard to avoid objects is a huge pain.