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  • An Interview with George Kamitani

    James is at it again with yet another great interview for Glixel with one of Japan’s top game creators, this time Vanillaware‘s George Kamitani. Reading it, I’m suddenly in the mood to play Dragon’s Crown and Muramasa on my Vita again.

  • Dragon’s Crown

    I still think that Sorceress character is embarrassingly ridiculous, but I’m sure having a good time playing this on Vita. I really do love the art style – as I do with all Vanillaware games – and it just feels like the perfect thing to be playing on a portable. I’ve played a couple of…

  • Muramasa Rebirth

    While everyone is playing Vanillaware’s latest, Dragon’s Crown, I’ve just hopped in Muramasa Rebirth on Vita (it’s currently on sale for about $20 on the PSN Store). This game looks absolutely gorgeous on the Vita screen, and I’m having a decent amount of fun with the hack-and-slash gameplay (admittedly not really my favorite kind of…