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War Thunder

This is a free-to-play aerial combat (although I believe you can control tanks too, but I haven’t tried yet) sim that came out on PS4 this past week, and I was curious to take it out for a spin. Although graphically it’s fine, I was having some issues playing it. The flight controls aren’t so bad, and are pretty straightforward, but shooting down enemies was a pain. I had no issues while going through the tutorial, but once I entered a regular mission, it got very difficult to target other planes, as the targeting square that is supposed to show up just wouldn’t. Even more annoying is that you regularly – and fairly quickly – run out of ammo, and then you have to wait a set amount of time (something like 30 seconds or more) before it reloads, where you’re just flying around and can’t do anything. Not fun. I’ll give it another shot, but I double I’ll stick very long with it.