Timely Nintendo

Time went a bit nuts this week with great Nintendo coverage, starting with an interview with Nintendo President Tatsumi Kishima, an interview with Nintendo Director Shinya Takahashi (with lots of fun Wave Race trivia, a game I constantly wish would get updated), and this piece about the Switch. And for a bit of fun, there’s this 51-question segment with Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma from Game Informer.

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Riptide GP2

Picked this up because I miss Wave Race so much, and just want to race on water with decent visuals. The fact that it’s only $7 on PS4 made it an easy sell, as well as hearing that it’s from the same people behind last generation’s Hydro Thunder revival, a game I had a lot of fun playing. So far, I can’t say that it’s a fantastic game – controls aren’t as smooth as I’d like – but I’m still having fun with it, and I am noticing that upgrading the vehicles does make for a better ride. Just makes me want a new Wave Race that much more though.