Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 for the Nintendo DS is a game I absolutely loved — and so did my wife. I never knew a sequel had been released, and part of the reason is because it never came out in North America — an English version was made and released in the UK though (I learned all of this thanks to this article on Waypoint). After I mentioned really wanting to play it, someone (thanks, Dan) was kind enough to send me their copy. I’ve played about an hour or so, and so far I’m absolutely loving it. It feels like I’m back in that Hotel Dusk world, and I had the biggest smile on my face the first time I heard that familiar audio cue when I did something correctly.


The Touhou Project


I really like shooters/shmups, yet I wasn’t really aware of the Touhou Project, a fascinating indie series of bullet hell shooters, and in fact so much more. I now know all of this thanks to this great article on Waypoint — and here’s a primer video too. I really need to play a bunch of these, which I’ll need to do on my PC at work because I don’t have a PC at home — thankfully, that’s what lunch time is for.