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Spoon & Tamago’s 2016

You know I love Spoon & Tamago and tend to link to a lot of things that Johnny shares there, and so I think it’s worth pointing out his recent look at the most popular posts from the site this past year, as well as the most popular products that the site sold through its webstore.

Design Food

Nissin Hot Water Pouring Bag


What a fantastic idea for a bag — and you can buy it from the online Nissin store for 300 yen. Read this Spoon & Tamago post for more details on how it came about.

Design Magazines Typography

Idea 375


Idea is a fantastic magazine about typography and graphic design, and it’s one of the rare Japanese publications that is entirely bilingual (English/Japanese). The latest issue covers the work of graphic designer Koichi Sato. Lucky for you, my buddy Ian‘s Wordshape webstore sells copies. It may sound pricey ($50, including shipping), but each issue of Idea is massive, and features beautiful paper stock. Think of it like getting a beautiful new book.

Anime Art Games Stores Web

Rodney Fun Shop


Want to get some lovely Parappa the Rapper and Rodney goods? The Rodney Fun Shop (or RodneyFun.Com Shop) is there for you, jam packed with all manner of merch covered with the art of Rodney Alan Greenblat’s characters. So much stuff I’d love to get here.

And speaking of these characters, a new series of animated shorts called PJ Berri no Mogu-Mogu Munya-Munya debuted in August.