Westworld (Season 2)

When this second season started, I wasn’t really enjoying the show like I did during the first season. It was fine, but I wasn’t really excited to watch a new episode, it felt like things were just taking a bit too much time to happen — although the episode where we started seeing the truth behind the park was pretty interesting. But by the end of the season I was back in, and quite liked how they finished it — it sets up some interesting things to do with those characters in the next season. I’ll also say that episode 8 — that almost feels like a standalone episode, about the Ghost Nation character — was absolutely fantastic, and by far my favorite episode of the series.

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Sure, I was already pretty excited to check out Westworld, based on the trailers I’d seen, but I’m definitely happy that after watching the first 2 episodes, it’s even better than I was hoping. Absolutely loving the creepiness of it all, as well as the mystery as to what exactly is going on with the “hosts,” as well as other things going on (like the dude searching for the “maze”).