A Quiet Week

It’s been a quiet week. Money is low, so I’m not going out much. I’m also not taking a lot of pictures, which I must remedy quickly. I’m just getting a bit tired of shooting random things, so I think I’m going to start thinking up themes to shoot. Whatever I end up doing, the […]


I just watched a great program on BBC World called LOGO. It takes a look at commercial culture in all its extremes. The show I saw at segments covering subjects such as demonstrator training camps, the Hello Kitty obsession, the way to sell soap, and France versus McDonald’s. Reminds me that I’ve been wanting to […]


Momus, who is presently based in Tokyo, is hard at work on a new album, tentively titled OSKAR TENNIS CHAMPION, and he’s writing a log of the creation process, which should be updated weekly. It definitely makes for interesting reading.