The Traveling Gas Shop at Picasso 347 in Shibuya. Update: As far as what is found at the shop, it doesn’t differ much from the stuff you’re used to seeing elsewhere from GAS (the books and DVDs, as well as tees), but the space is quite nice, especially the wall with their Shoppingbag display (pictured […]


At the Mitsubishi Electric-sponsored DCROSS cafe, near Maru Biru. I was going to go to the Dragonfly Cafe, but it didn’t look too inviting — very sparse, almost clinical, interior. Update: I was really disappointed by that Dragonfly Cafe. I quite like the one in Aoyama, and often go there (and bring people along), and […]

Atelier Muji

Atelier Muji is currently covering environmental issues. Update: This picture was of course taken at the Yurakucho Muji, but my big Muji surprise for the day was when I got back to Ikebukuro and went to another Muji to buy something (a mixer) and saw a foreigner working at a register! She was blonde, and […]