PSFK on Future of Health

I’m a big fan of what Piers has been doing over the years at PSFK — both with the site, but also through the reports and talk events he organizes — and just wanted to give a heads-up to their latest project, a special report for Unicef on the future of health. As Piers tells it, it’s a “200 page report that not only describes the critical trends that are bringing healthcare to the many across the world but also has over 40 ideas for UNICEF based on the report from creative agencies like Wieden + Kennedy, Great Works, Cunning, Night Agency & Story Worldwide.”



The Traveling Gas Shop at Picasso 347 in Shibuya.

Update: As far as what is found at the shop, it doesn’t differ much from the stuff you’re used to seeing elsewhere from GAS (the books and DVDs, as well as tees), but the space is quite nice, especially the wall with their Shoppingbag display (pictured here). I actually really like the bag, and wouldn’t mind getting one, but find it a bit too pricey (around 3000 yen for the smaller version, and 4000 yen for the big one).



At the Mitsubishi Electric-sponsored DCROSS cafe, near Maru Biru. I was going to go to the Dragonfly Cafe, but it didn’t look too inviting — very sparse, almost clinical, interior.

Update: I was really disappointed by that Dragonfly Cafe. I quite like the one in Aoyama, and often go there (and bring people along), and find it hard to believe that they would/could create a space that felt so uninspiring. More than anything, it just looks boring, and the layout gives it a cafeteria-like feel. Not to say that DCROSS is a great spot — it’s a bit too commercial for my liking with all the product ads everywhere — but I had a comfortable couch to sit on and relax after my long day of walking.

Atelier Muji


Atelier Muji is currently covering environmental issues.

Update: This picture was of course taken at the Yurakucho Muji, but my big Muji surprise for the day was when I got back to Ikebukuro and went to another Muji to buy something (a mixer) and saw a foreigner working at a register! She was blonde, and seemed to speak Japanese natively (I just heard from afar, I wasn’t at her register).