Response to GEISHA.2

I’m so happy at the great response that my second issue of GEISHA has gotten. It even got a mention in Warren Ellis’ Die Puny Humans weblog. This is certainly encouraging me to continue on with more issues, so again, thanks to all for the nice comments. For those just getting here, you can access […]


Well, I spent a good part of Saturday (and most of the night) working on the second issue of my GEISHA ezine, and I’ve just posted it. Please click on the “g.2” icon near the bottom of this page. I was inspired by the coming of Fall, so I ended up using lots of brown. […]

The big news today is that my new domain,, is finally up and running. If you had the site bookmarked, please change the address to the new one. Also, I unfortunately was not able to put a new pic yesterday on the site because of lack of time (and energy). My good friend Torahito, […]