Still Alive

As you can tell by the still updated daily pics, yes, I am still alive, but I just haven’t been into spending a lot of time in front of the computer these few days because of my illness. I’m finally better now, and actually went to work today, so things are looking up. I just hate getting sick, and I’m definitely the worst sick person in the world.

The next TOKYO BOY update will be tomorrow, as usual, and will contain some pics that have showed up on this site this week, as well as new ones. I’ll also talk a bit more about the my Resfest experience, which I really did enjoy (and I’m really, really thankful that I only started getting sick the day after).

Also, this week as seen a few good Japanese releases on the music side of things. Thanks to my good friend Patrick, this is what I’m listening to right now:

why_jktFantastic Plastic Machine – “Why Not?”
New single by FPM. Although in general I’m not as big a fan of FPM’s more recent output, I’m enjoying this single (which includes 4 new tracks). Reminds a lot of Towa Tei’s Sweet Robots Against the Machine stuff.

Mansfield – GOLDEN HOUR
A remix album of a lot of stuff from his MANSFIELD POPP album, which was released earlier this year. Includes a nice cover of Beck’s “New Pollution”.

Haven’t listened to this one much yet, but includes remixes by Yasuharu Konishi, FPM, Cornelius and other Japanese artists.

Also listening to:

B00006IWGV.08.MZZZZZZZKaterine – 8e CIEL
New album by Philippe Katerine. Includes a very wacky video of him performing in drag as a young girl.


No TB today as I am really sick. Somekind of stomach virus or food poisoning. I might post it tomorrow depending on how well I’m feeling (meaning if I can stay long enough out of the toilet room).

Resfest 2002


Yesterday I bought some tickets for two programs at this weekend’s Resfest. I would like to see everything at the festival, but time and money are preventing me (and the fact that the scheduling is a bit annoying this year as they are only showing everything once). I did get tickets for the two programs I most wanted to see though, the one covering motion design shorts (probably my favorite program of last year), and the one for documentaries. I might try to catch another program or two on Sunday, but I’m at least certain to see those two.

And speaking of motion design, check out the STAT.IND site for a few cool examples.

Japanese TV

A lot of foreigners that come to Japan say that Japanese TV is just insane and that there’s nothing worth watching. Superficially, it’s true, things look quite inane, but there is beautiful madness in there, and I got some more examples tonight. It’s no use really describing what I saw, as I don’t think anyone would get it (let’s just say that it included one of the priceless appearances by one of my favorite comedians that everyone in Japan hates, Egashira 2:50, on the show PuSma). I laughed myself silly, even though I wasn’t understanding everything that was being said (I’m getting good though, and I’m surprising myself by how much I’m understanding a lot these days).

Japanese TV. Beautiful madness. Yeah.

Film Marmalade

Just posted the new TB at the OPi8 site. A few pics from the Film Marmalade event that I attended last night. It’s a showcase for amateur video filmmakers in Tokyo, and I was actually pleasantly surprised by quite a few of the shorts. A few years ago I had seen a tape of shorts from an organization called Eyesaw, and, well, it was definitely very “amateur”. I did attend a cool Eyesaw event once, it had all sorts of art installations, but haven’t heard anything from them in a while, even though I’m supposed to be subscribed to their mailing list. I just checked out their website (which I had sort of forgotten about), and they still seem to be organizing events, so maybe I’ll check another one out in the near future.

As for the shorts shown last night at Film Marmalade (formely known as Filmbrothel), I especially enjoyed the 3 that were done by someone who was just listed as Takuya. Even though they were all quite different (going from really funny to documentary style), they were all shot in an interesting way, and never lost my interest. One of the funniest shorts there was by Rob Pongi, who has a whole bunch of short videos on his site. The personals are especially funny. And yes, he was wearing the same outfit last night that he wears in all of his videos.

You can also check out the TokyoDV site, which is affiliated with last night’s event.


Funny coincidence. Today’s daily pic on my site is of the cafe/bar Floor, and I just checked Momus’ site to see that his Daily Photo section has a whole bunch of photos of the place. It gives you a good idea of what the place looks like inside.