A big thanks goes out to my good friend Patrick for the amazing cassette that he won on the Japanese Yahoo! auction site, and then converted to MP3, which is what I’m enjoying right now. Called 524’S WORLD OF TWIST, it was a very limited tape (only 100) that was sent with orders from the Readymade website. It’s a compilation of very groovy tracks selected by Yasuharu Konishi (524, pronounced go-ni-shi in Japanese, is the name of one of Konishi’s labels, and a name he uses for some of his mixes), basically sounding like the type of stuff that he usually plays at his monthly event at the Organ Bar in Shibuya.


Tonight I was out on my bike at around 1:30am because I needed to bring a package for Yuko to the post office (they have a 24-hour counter), and I was really surprised by all the police officers that were roaming the streets, either in cars or on bicycles. I don’t know if this is normal or if there was something special taking place, but they were everywhere. I was stopped once, they checked my ID, and I was sure I was going to be stopped another 2-3 times on the way home. I guess I should feel safe, but it was still a strange feeling.


On Mondays, I have a little 6 year old girl called Risa as a student, and every week she gives me a drawing she did of me before the class starts. What a sweetie.

Miserable Day

Oh, what a miserable day today. Cold and rain, the worse possible combination of weather that you can have. It basically felt like 0 degrees, but yet it was raining all day. It chills you. February is approaching, and I’m hoping Spring will start early, just like last year.

Internet Problems

I was having some Internet problems last night, constantly being disconnected, and now I know why:

TOKYO – A computer virus “worm” triggered worldwide Internet trouble earlier in the day, Internet security companies said Saturday. According to F-Secure Corp, a Finland-based company, problems such as slow access occurred as the virus randomly sent out massive amounts of data in a bid to infect targets.

As a result, five of 13 computers called “root servers” located in countries including Japan and the United States received the most serious damage, it said.

The worm has been given several names including “SQL Slammer.”

The Internet trouble hit Japan and other Asian countries on Saturday and lasted about 12 hours but gradually tapered off.

Update on Tokyo Boy

There are finally definite plans on the return of TOKYO BOY. It will return around the middle of February on a new site created by Warren Ellis called SLEEPLESS PLANET. Should be an interesting site, as it will be a gathering point for creativity on many fronts (music, photography, flash experiments, weblogs, and more). I look forward to its launch.

Japanese Smileys


This site lists and explains all the smiley faces that the Japanese use in their emails. They are a lot more detailed then the ones usually used by Westerners. I actually use these a lot when I send messages to Yuko, or to friends in Tokyo.

A Lazy Saturday

Didn’t have much to do today, so just did a little routine I sometimes do on the weekend. Although a bit cold, it was a nice sunny day in Tokyo. After waking up, I made myself a croque-madame, and then watched my DVD of DOCTOR NO. Then I went out to Junkudo, a huge bookstore here in Ikebukuro, and sat down with a bunch of Japanese design magazines to look through them and get inspired. After that it was off to Muji to look for some stationary, and also get some Muji brand ice-cream cookies that I’m so addicted to. I was then headed to Parco, where I checked out a few clothes shops (United Arrow, Ships, Journal Standard), a few design shops (Flan Flan, Marchand de L?gumes, Smith – where I bought this nice little agenda at half-price), and then the Parco Book Center to check out some more magazines and books. I stayed away from the used record shops, and instead went to Yamaya, which is a store that deals in wines and imported food. Picked up some stuff to make an Indonesian stir-fry for dinner. Now I’m just relaxing at home, watching some shows I enjoy (Mecha Mecha Iketeru, SmaStation, 99 Size, Black Wide Show).

Kahimi Karie

Tomorrow, my friend Patrick is going to be attending a live show by Kahimi Karie. I also wanted to go, but my current financial situation prevents me from going. Karie now resides in Paris, and she seems to come back to Tokyo only a couple of times a year, so it’s not often that you can attend a live show by her. She’s also about to release a new album, which I’m anxious to hear. I was quite disapointed by the EP she released last year, MY SUITOR, but from what I’ve heard of this album, it might make for an interesting listen.