Late last night we had a craving for ramen, and decided to check out a new-ish shop we’d spotted a while back but hadn’t gotten around to visiting yet. Dobekkosu, a shop specializing in tonkotsu ramen, is situated not far from Sunshine Street in Ikebukuro (walk down it, then turn right at the first street after you pass the Matsumoto Kiyoshi, you’ll find it at the next crossing on the right hand side – it’s very near the Korean restaurant we always go to, Burukugi). One very interesting aspect of the shop was the fact that it has 3 levels, each one tiny, and with the cooks all on the ground floor they use a tiny elevator system to bring the bowls up to the various floors. As for the bowl, well, I loved the texture, noodles, and meat, but even though it was tonkotsu (pork broth), there was a slight fish taste I didn’t care for. It wasn’t as strong as what they’re now serving at Komen, and I could still enjoy it, but I doubt I’ll be going again. For now my top ramen choice in Ikebukuro is Mutekiya, located across from the big Junkudo bookstore (next to the McDonald’s).