Midnight Eye May Update

Japanese cinema specialists Midnight Eye have recently released a new update to their site that includes a lengthy interview with Kitamura Ryuhei (known for his cult classic VERSUS, and now director of the final Godzilla film), and a review of THE TASTE OF TEA, the new film by SHARK SKIN MAN AND PEACH HIP GIRL […]

Tokumaru Shugo in Koenji

Marxy lets us know that Tokumaru Shugo (who I’ve been gushing about for a couple of weeks now) will be live at Enban in Koenji on Friday June 4 (he goes on at 7). That is absolute bad news for me because my job prevents me from seeing live shows that start at 7 during […]

The Sights

Lots of nice things to see in Taipei. On Sunday, we had a bus tour included in our package deal, and we took advantage of it to check out some of the famous sights (of course, like all Japanese tour packages, this included a few stops at duty free shops). The only place that I […]

Book Cafe Culture

The latest edition of REALTOKYO editor Ozaki Tetsuya’s OUT OF TOKYO column takes us on a tour of a developing bookshop and book cafe culture in Tokyo, and takes a look at the new PAPER SKY produced BOOK246 shop. If Tokyo is to have wars, then let them be book/cafe wars! Shortly after the “golden […]

Godzilla Versus Everything

Looks like Godzilla is going out with a bang. The 28th film in the series will pit Godzilla against 10 other monsters, wrecking Sydney, New York, Paris, Shanghai and much of Japan in the process, said a spokesman for production company Toei. But this won’t really be the last film in the series. Godzilla is […]

Shilin Night Market

More pics from the Shilin night market (thanks for the name reminder, William). The meat buns they’re preparing in the image to the left was probably the best thing I ate while I was there. It seems like it’s quite the popular counter, as we had to wait a long time in line. Cooked in […]