Smart Max

Yesterday I picked up this month’s issue of SMART MAX (not the issue pictured above, with Sakomoto Ryuichi and Oyamada Keigo on the cover, but rather the June issue with Kiriya Kazuaki on the cover), and adult men’s street magazine, as it features a special Bonjour Essentials CD. Compiled by Bonjour Records (the great Daikanyama record shop), it features tracks by Capri Kids, Superpitcher, Captain Comatose, Black Strobe, Tiefschwarz, Cosmetique, Benji Cossa, Position Normal, and Cat Power. Haven’t listened to it yet (I’m in the process of ripping it, to then transfer on my iPod), but sounds like it’ll make for a good going-to-work soundtrack.

Update (16/08/21): The cover image is unfortunately no longer available.