Sonido Uzumaki

uzumaki_finalsmlTrevor’s Music Related label (now sporting a new site) is doing it again with an interesting new release. This time it’s a compilation CD going by the title SONIDO UZUMAKI, and it features a mix of Japanese and non-Japanese artists alike. Again, you can download an MP3 preview track, and that’s what got me hooked. I’ve just ordered the album (only US$10). Following is the blurb from the site, as well as the track listing.

Sonido Uzumaki is a joint project between visual artists Friends With You, Mumbleboy, GAGA Inc., and Music Related. We put togeather a sound track for their group artshow ‘Aqui Uzumaki. Sonido Uzumaki compiles a wide range of musical styles, and collection of known, and unknow groups. Original songs from groups within the music related, and audio dregs camp, plus songs from artist from around the world, never heard before. Acoustic pop, to glitched out electronic romps. Songs by, phofo, yacht, lem jay, ymck, marxy, kiiiiiii!, e*rock, shugo tokumaru, pandacrash, red colour cat, messer fur frau muller, dim dim, digiki, crusher, midori hamada, mikimi tablets, and lullatone, round out this eclectic collection of songs.

01. Phofo – “Adeos Polder (Apogee)”
02. Yacht – “House Boats Are for Losers”
03. Lem Jay – “My Friend Joel”
04. YMCK – “Pastel Candy wa Akuma no Sasayaki”
05. Marxy – “Intro to Rock”
06. Kiiiiiii! – “Kiiiiiii!!!!!!!”
07. E*rock – “Mumble Bump B”
08. Shugo Tokumaru – “Tears Below the Freezing Point”
09. Pandacrash – “Run Run”
10. Red Colour Cat – “Red Colour Cat”
11. Messer Fur Frau Muller – “Karate Feelings”
12. Dim Dim – “Twirl”
13. Digiki – “Wiki Wifi”
14. Crusher – “Hunting Little Bears”
15. Midori Hamada – “Silver Apples of the Moon”
16. Mikemi Tablets – “Shalala”
17. Lullatone – “Soothing Sounds for Puppies”

Update: Trevor suggests ordering from Darla, his American distributor. Tokumaru Shugo’s album, as well as the SONIDO UZUMAKI compilation, are both available from their site. Just type in the names in the search box.