dfe30ed6While at Tower Records in Shibuya today, I picked up the first issue of a new magazine/newspaper (launched a few days ago) by the Gas people, called MASSAGE. Although the main website is just in Japanese, the newspaper (giant-sized, think WEST EAST magazine, and non-stapled) itself is bilingual.

Here’s a blurb describing the new endeavour:

‘Massage,’ derived from the book first published in the 60’s, ‘The Medium is the Massage’ by Marshall McLuhan. With the word ‘massage,’ McLuhan implies that in the near future, as technology advances, media would have a more direct and tactile existence. Our aim is to make a medium that contains raw and alternative expressions and deliver it directly to people around the world. The first medium born from Massage is the newspaper, which will come out in JULY. Using the most basic medium, newspaper, Massage delivers expressions in the realm of art, culture, music and society contributed by artists, journalists, musicians, fashion designers, graphic designers, etc. Contributors (first issue): ECD, Nigel Cooke, Marok, Will Sweeney, Sven Fortman, Meikyoshisui, Ojas, Abake, Zon Ito, Hiroshi Egaitsu, Oliver77, KIEF and more.

Also, make sure to check out the Gas site for the online version of the first issue of GAS PRESSING, a bi-monthly free magazine that spotlights various artists/designers.