Takemoto Novala

Last weekend’s ASAHI SHIMBUN sees an article on Takemoto Novala, author of the book SHIMOTSUMA MONOGATARI (English title is to be KAMIKAZE GIRLS), that was recently made into a film starring idol Fukada Kyoko (and Patrick quite liked it).

“It didn’t mean I wanted to become a girl. Simply put, I wasn’t interested in stuff for boys. I liked girlish things. Boyish things are sweaty, so I didn’t like them.”NOVALA TAKEMOTO WriterFrom the outside, it looks like an ordinary Tokyo apartment building. But if you find the right door, and if you are invited to enter, you immediately find yourself in a weird, wacky wonderland.

Christian Dior perfume tickles the nose and Bach the ears. Stuffed deer make themselves at home with their friends: a blond doll in a taffeta gown, Doraemon, a Hello Kitty clock and a seemingly uncountable number of other objects, some mundane, some startling.

This is helter-skelter in a 15-tatami mat room. Welcome to the world of novelist Novala Takemoto.

Read the rest of the article here. You can view a trailer of the SHIMOTSUMA MONOGATARI film adaptation at the official site.