Geisha Takes a Pause

Today I’m spending the afternoon at Pause to work on the new issue of GEISHA. I’m hoping I’ll have the thing done over the next few days. Still not sure on the theme, or if there will even be one. I think I’ll just approach it with a freestyle mentality, as it’s been so long since the last issue.

Oh, and this morning I received a box from Jesper with the TSiG programs. They look really nice, a bit oversized, sort of like the SAL free paper. And if you haven’t already, check out the new TSiG blogs. They rawk.

Update: Ended up staying at Pause from 3:30 in the afternoon until midnight, spending half of that time chatting with Jun, the owner (and after that, we went to a Meshiyadon shop for a late-night dinner, until 2am). Also, I think I have most of what is probably going to be an all-photo issue of GEISHA done. After the all-graphic issue 8, I felt like a return to basic photography was needed. And in fact, I think I might end up doing two issues during the holidays.